Dan Auerbach

Nine-time Grammy Award–winner Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) will release WAITING ON A SONG, his second solo album, on June 2 via his new label, Easy Eye Sound via Nonesuch Records. The album is Auerbach’s much anticipated follow-up to 2009’s KEEP IT HID and is a love letter to Nashville. As such, he recruited some of Nashville’s most respected players to write and record his latest, including John Prine, Duane Eddy, Jerry Douglas, Pat McLaughlin and Bobby Wood and Gene Chrisman of the Memphis Boys.
Dan Auerbach moved to Nashville from his native Akron, Ohio in 2010 and with this release, his first solo album in eight years, it is clear that he has made Music City his home. During the summer of 2016, taking a break from the non-stop touring he’d done with The Black Keys and the Arcs, he finally got acquainted with the city he loves so much, as well as the world-class musicians who live there, and subsequently collaborated with some of Nashville’s heavyweights.
WAITING ON A SONG is the debut release, and marks the launch of Easy Eye Sound, Dan Auerbach’s new record label which will feature soon-to-be-announced releases from other artists and is distributed by Auerbach's longtime label Nonesuch Records.The label is built equally around Auerbach’s Easy Eye Studio in Nashville, where The Black Keys recorded their last two albums, as well as the collection of famous session musicians that have come to call the studio home.

1.  Waiting On A Song
2.  Malibu Man
3.  Livin’ In Sin
4.  Shine On Me
5.  King Of A One Horse Town
6.  Never In My Wildest Dreams
7.  Cherrybomb
8.  Stand By My Girl
9.  Undertow
10. Show Me